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Lexmark Mitigates Security Risks With New Solution

Lexmark Secure Content Monitor identifies and tracks potential breaches and leaks of sensitive informationLexmark International, leading provider of imaging solutions, announced the new Lexmark Secure Content Monitor, a security solution that minimizes risk and protects companies and agencies from potential threats to confidential information, profits and productivity by enabling them to automatically track and audit sensitive information.Lexmark Secure Content Monitor can also save organizations significant costs in the areas of compliance with government and industry standards. In fact, a 2012 Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance survey reports that automating key controls and taking a proactive stance is one of the few opportunities for businesses to achieve long-term cost savings with Sarbanes-Ox more

Epoc Messe Frankfurt Exhibitions In 2012 Attract Over 76,000 Trade Visitors

Strong growth figures indicate continued success of trade fairsTwo international conferences launched in DubaiLeading German trade fair and conference organiser, Epoc Messe Frankfurt, reported a successful 2012 season, with their exhibitions drawing in 76,282 trade visitors and attracting approximately 3,720 exhibitors. This compared favourably with last year's numbers which indicated that 3,400 exhibitors participated in Epoc Messe Frankfurt fairs attracting 75,000 trade visitors. Furthermore, in 2012 Epoc Messe Frankfurt launched two international conferences in Dubai.The figures mirror the continuing interest among international manufacturers and suppliers in the Middle East growth story. The region's relatively buoyant economic scenario riding on high fuel prices has resisted the downw more


SAINT HONORE, French luxury maison and creators of the trend-setting ‘Paris Style', have added a touch of Arabian glamour to their brand with the signing of Saba Mubarak, Jordanian superstar of TV and film, as their Brand Ambassador.The raven-haired Mubarak is renowned for her soulful emotive style and svelte looks which have graced screens – both small and large – in the Arab world and have got rave reviews from discerning viewers. The Jordanian beauty was born in 1971 and graduated from Yarmouk University in Irbid. She has created waves with her performances in TV serials: ‘Seraa A'ala El Remal and Eljteyah. Mubarak was recently awarded the ‘Best Arab Actress' title at a film festival in Jordan.Mubarak's endorsement of SAINT HONORE's range of luxury watches, accessories and jewellery is more

Corum Admiral's Cup Legend 46 Minute Repeater Acoustica Striking A Major Chord

Never before had a minute repeater marked off time by chords and not merely single notes. Such is the feat achieved by the splendid Admiral's Cup Legend 46 Minute Repeater Acoustica, a world première equipped with four gongs and four hammers, simultaneously striking in pairs. Just ten of these watches will be produced in 2012.Not only is this a world-first accomplishment, but also a magnificent demonstration of watchmaking virtuosity! With the extraordinary Admiral's Cup Legend 46 Minute Repeater Acoustica, Corum presents a minute repeater equipped with a four-hammer movement. Already considered in itself to be one of the most sophisticated horological complications thanks to its tiny racks, cams and snails, the striking mechanism of a minute repeater watch is magnified here by two a more

Citizen's ambitious retail expansion plans in The Middle East

Citizen Watches continues its foray into mid to high segment of the industry by expanding its retail network in the region. They opened their first exclusive boutique in Cairo, Egypt recently Speaking during the inauguration of the new boutique in Citystars, Mr. Takahiro Miyazaki, the General Manager, Citizen Watches Middle East said, “With the introduction of Eco-Drive, our flagship technology in the year 1994, we decided to shift from “low to mid” segment of the market to “mid to high”. This implied a shift in the distribution channel as well, from ‘C' class stores to ‘A' class and from traditional retail to modern retail. Citystars being the biggest shopping and entertainment center in Egypt well compliment this objective.Along with this new boutique, the company maintains 400 point of more

Paperworld Middle East 2013 looks to build on previous success

Ministry of Environment and Water support Green Office AreaRepresenting the world of paper products, office supplies, gifts and stationery, the third edition of Paperworld Middle East is expected to build on the success of earlier editions as demand for paper products and stationery in the region continues to grow.Organiser Epoc Messe Frankfurt is optimistic about the continued success of the exhibition which has grown in size and scope since its launch in the region two years ago. Paperworld Middle East, taking place in Dubai in March next year, is expected to attract a wide representation from international and regional manufacturers and suppliers who are looking to increase their presence in Middle East markets.“Since its launch Paperworld Middle East has enjoyed a great response from m more

سوق الإمارات لنظم مراقبة الفيديو ينمو بنسبة 16% خلال السنوات الأربع القادمة

إنترسك يسعى للاستفادة من نمو سوق أجهزة مراقبة الفيديو أشارت الأبحاث والدراسات الصناعية، إلى تطور السوق العالمي لمعدات وأنظمة وحدات المراقبة والكاميرات الحديثة الخاصة بتأمين الممتلكات والأصول لأغراض الوقاية والسلامة على مدار الساعة واستثمار الموارد المتاحة لتحقيق أجود خدمات الحماية للمباني والممتلكات.وفي الإمارات وحدها، تم تحديد قطاعات الحكومة والفنادق كقطاعات لديها إنفاق واسع النطاق على معدات الفيديو وأنظمة المراقبة ومن المتوقع نمو السوق في الدولة بنسبة 16 % خلال السنوات الأربع القادمة ليكون الثاني على مستوى المنطقة بعد سوق المملكة العربية السعودية**. كما تشير دراسات شركة الأبحاث آي إم إس IMS الحديثة، إلى نمو السوق العالمي لأنظمة مراقبة الفيديو بمتوسط 12 % للعام 2012 وذلك في البرازيل وروسيا والهند والصين وجنوب أفريقيا والشرق الأوسط.*ويحاول معرض إنترسك 2013 ومن خلال مشاركة الشركات والمؤسسات more

UAE digital systems market to grow at 16% over next four years

Video surveillance systems to be major focus at Intersec 2013Rapid advances and innovations in video surveillance technology are currently transforming the industry while at the same time considerably enhancing its security capabilities. The need to be prepared for today's ever-evolving security threats is driving growing demand for the latest in video surveillance systems to secure property and premises globally. Demand for the latest in video monitoring technology is also being felt across the Middle East region, which is expected to be one of the key growth areas for the industry. The rapidly changing regional market for video surveillance systems and equipment will be in focus at Intersec 2013, the Middle East's trade and networking mega event for the security, safety and fire protecti more

روجيه دوبوي تفوز بجائزة أفضل حملة ترويجية للساعات في2012

حصلت الحملة الترويجية الجديدة لدار الساعات السويسرية الفاخرة روجيه دوبوي على لقب جائزة العام عن فئة المطبوعات والملصقات الترويجية المميزة للعام 2012 . خلال الاستفتاء الذي أجري مؤخرا لدار النشر السويسرية "رنغير". وقد حصلت حملة روجيه دوبوي على هذه الجائزة بفضل تميزها وتفردها بحملات غير تقليدية لتصنيع الساعات. فقد ظهرت تصميمات روجيه دوبوي للحملات الترويجية وكأنها لوحات فنية تحكي قصة الإبداع وتدعو محبي الساعات إلى اكتشاف عالم روجيه دوبوي بعراقته وتشكيلاته السويسرية الفريدة. ومنذ العام 2007 تمنح دار النشر السويسرية جائزة الحملات الإعلانية الأفضل في العالم في مجال تصنيع الساعات وذلك من المنظور الفني والجمالي. وفي دورتها الخامسة وقع اختيار هيئة تحكيم الاتصالات المستقلة والعاملون في مجال النشر والإعلانات على الحملة الإعلانية الجديدة لروجيه دوبوي لتكون الحمل الإعلانية الأفضل لتصنيع الساعا more

The new Roger Dubuis advertising campaign hailed as the best watchmaking campaign of 2012

The new Roger Dubuis advertising campaign has won the Premier Prix du Jury in the «Print/Poster» category awarded on 26 October 2012 by the Swiss publishing house, Ringier due to its break from conventional watchmaking campaigns. Each of the four visuals invites people to discover the world of the Genevan watchmaker through the prism of imagination, audacity and magic. It expresses the very genetic make-up of the Manufacture Roger Dubuis, whose prestige is only matched by the excellence of its collections. Since 2007, the Swiss publishing house has awarded the best watchmaking advertising campaigns of the year, from a technical and aesthetic standpoint. For the fifth edition, the independent jury of communications, publishing and advertising professionals has chosen the new campaign by the more

Frederique Constant Black Beauty - Stunning Unique Addition To Double Heart Beat Collection

Frederique Constant, leading Swiss makers of luxury watches with a reputation of passion and precision, has introduced recently, Black Beauty. Black Beauty is the stunning unique entrant to their best selling Double Heart Beat Collection and is set to turn heads with its exquisite black mother of pearl dial set with many diamonds. The unique design that sets apart this range - the two intertwined hearts forming an aperture in the dial revealing the 'heart beat' of the movement- makes the Frederique Constant Double Heart Beat more than just a watch. These fine timepieces have been developed with passion to reflect the values and aspirations of today's woman. Frederique Constant's Double Heart Beat watches are created with precision design and assembled by hand, allowing for a high quality t more

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