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Wellth Introduces Natural Chronic Disease Reversal Solutions on the Occasion of their One-year Anniversary

Wellth Introduces Natural Chronic Disease Reversal Solutions on the Occasion of their One-year Anniversary

Tuesday, December 5, 2023/ Editor -  


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• Wellth, the only hub for integrative medicine in Dubai, promises new hope with natural reversal of chronic diseases such as Diabetes, Autoimmune Disorders, Cardiovascular Disease and much more 
• During the first year of operations, Wellth helped over 2000 patients to naturally amplify their body’s healing potential by reversing years of their age or chronic diseases. 
Dubai – December 05, 2023: Wellth, UAE's premier integrative medicine hub, proudly commemorates its inaugural year dedicated to operational excellence and reversal of chronic diseases. 
Strategically located in one of Dubai’s iconic locals, Jumeirah and spearheaded by the visionary leadership of Dr. Azad Moopen, Chairman and Managing Director of Aster DM Healthcare, Wellth consistently delivered high-quality health and wellness services, catering to individuals from both the local region as well as diverse global communities. 
Reflecting on the milestone, Ms. Alisha Moopen expressed her pride in Wellth's transformative journey. She remarked, ‘As we celebrate Wellth's inaugural anniversary, it is a testament to our commitment to transformative care. Integrating ancient knowledge with modern science, we practice 'Good Medicine,' exemplifying integrative healthcare. Our success lies in inspiring individuals to prioritize their health with time-tested, non-invasive approaches and nurturing holistic well-being. By offering such global methods for emotional and physical wellness, Wellth has become a symbol of progress in integrative and regenerative medicine. 
At the core of Wellth's philosophy lies a firm dedication to combating chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension through its natural healing approach and innovative strategies. The clinic's success stories, including the transformative journey of its patients, exemplify the profound impact of its comprehensive, personalized approach to chronic disease management without the heavy use of mainstream medication.
New York Times bestselling author, trailblazer of functional medicine and one of Wellth’s cherished creators, Dr. Frank Lipman, commented on the anniversary by saying, 'The beauty of Wellth is that we do not push the patient in an “either, or” direction. We craft treatment plans based on each patient’s individual health case. In many cases we solidify their current western medicine treatment plans with a natural healing approach where patients regain their natural healing abilities and bring their bodies to optimal function & disease reversal without the use of heavy medications.  Wellth empowers people to lead healthy lives, alleviate chronic lifestyle diseases, prevent hereditary predispositions, and offer a range of therapies to support immunity, promote healthy ageing and sustain good health in general which has been truly gratifying.'
Wellth works very closely with their clients to monitor their progress over time allowing for measurement of tangible results and permitting for evidence based natural treatment plans.
A 52-year-old female patient from the United Kingdom named Mrs. Carla started incorporating Wellth's consolidative natural method into her cancer treatment pathway while also adhering to traditional treatment plans that included immunotherapy and medicine. In order to provide the patient with comprehensive cancer care, the medical professionals Dr. Khaled Shukri, Functional Medicine expert and Dr. Mahadevan, resident Ayurvedic physician at Wellth integrated resveratrol, IV vitamin C, and a strict supplementation plan with her nutrition therapy. A full post-cancer rehabilitation treatment was included in the patient's personalized Panchakarma treatment plan. Within three months of combining these methods, the patient experienced an increase in energy, better sleep with magnesium, and strengthened immunity against cancer recurrence.  This emphasizes how well-suited Wellth is for integrative therapy. 
Another case study highlights the process of transformation for Mr. Moh, a 62 year old patient from Saudi Arabia, who endured many lifestyle disorders such as hypertension, diabetes, and hyperlipidemia. Dr. Mahadevan, Wellth's Ayurvedic expert, and the functional medicine expert, Dr. Khaled Shukri guided the patient through a tailored regimen that included the Panchakarma treatment from Ayurveda, functional medicine, diet, exercise, and stress management. This approach produced significant improvements in the patient's chronic disease reversal. In a matter of months, the patient lost seven kilograms, cut back on the high dosage of his medicines, had a natural improvement in sleep quality, and saw a reduction in his HB1aC levels.
Wellth offers strategies to address a wide array of health concerns, such as over 80 different illnesses, diabetes management for all age groups, and remedies for chronic fatigue and gastrointestinal issues. Wellth also provide protocols focusing on heart health, involving thorough testing and lifestyle adjustments. Each package is customized to offer personalized guidance, ensuring individuals receive tailored advice for optimal well-being.
Furthermore Wellth, is the exclusive provider of innovative medical technologies in the UAE, offering advanced diagnostics, non-invasive therapies, and groundbreaking treatments. These include bio-communication and bio-resonance scans, Pulse Electromagnetic Field Therapy, and Intravenous Laser Therapy. From Red Light therapy to Ozone Sauna, Wellth establishes holistic well-being the natural way. Embracing anti-ageing and regenerative medicine, the centre provides a multitude of anti-ageing therapies as well as the TruDiagnostic Age test for patients who want to know what their true biological age really is. 
Operated under the umbrella of Medcare Hospitals & Medical Centres, Wellth stands as a testament to the ongoing commitment to advancing healthcare in the UAE and beyond. 

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