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Spring/Summer 2017 Collection from
Spring/Summer 2017 Collection from

Dubai, February 21, 2017:  With summer just around the corner, brings to you an exciting new range of goodies that includes inflatable pool floats, work out mats, glass water bottles and more, which are ideal for making the most out of the season. The range also includes a variety of totes, gym bags and phone covers that are not only stylish, but also perfect for expressing yourself. 

work it out exercise mats – AED 160
If you're gonna collapse onto a soft surface after your fifth attempt at a headstand, it should totally be our super comfy mat. it's covered in pretty pastels and major motivation that'll remind you why the heck you stood on your head in the first place. let it help you get up in the air and then hold you like a baby when you come back down. Available in: I did my best and lattice #bandoworkitout.

listen up! ear buds, cash money – AED 60
Earbuds with flair, oh yeah, we went there. these buds will help you stand out from the pack, plus there's a microphone, volume control, and three sizes of silicone ear pieces that help you get that perfect fit. whether you wanna chill out while you're meditating or show everyone on the track how BO$$ you are, these are the ear buds for you. Available in: cash money and chill pills

silicone iphone 6/6s case, i am very busy – AED 150
Hold your calls? no need to ask when you’ve got a phone case that lets everyone know how busy you always are. and this pink silicone case does just that! plus, it's like, really cute.

work it out gym bag – AED 180
You've got major quad goals. whether that means a ton of power lunges at the gym or a couple of leg lifts while powering through reruns of the OC, you gotta have a cute bag to hold all your essentials. ours come in lady of leisure, I did my best, after this we are getting pizza and the uber cool lattice pattern;  with a neon pink nylon interior made for sweaty stuff and side pockets perfect for slipping yourself encouraging notes. we've even snuck one in there to get you started. now back to those reruns… er, lunges! #bandoworkitout.

work it out water bottles – 100 AED
When you're in it to win it, you gotta stay hydrated. Our water bottle holds a generous pour of your favorite hydrating beverage with sleek lids that won't show your lipstick. available in after this we’re getting pizza, I did my best, lady of leisure and our uber cool lattice. #bandoworkitout

cool it glass water bottle, cameo + blush & red + clear
 – 150 AED

glitter bomb water bottle, pink stardust – 120 AED

beach, please! giant beach towel – AED 180
If you're reading this, you are officially banned from taking your shower towel to the beach ever again. it's time to take your beach game to a whole other level with our big and bold towel. just imagine the photographic possibilities alone: you, stretched out on one of these insanely fun beauties! Available in: hot tub club & pool party.

all around giant heart towel – AED 350
We’ve got extreme heart eyes for this HUGE heart towel. from the shape to the tassles to the sheer size (we dare you not to get your whole squad on here), it’s easy to see why this towel is a must-have. plus, it could easily double as a super cute picnic blanket! eee!

all around giant towel, beverly stripe – AED 320
This towel is HUGE, like your whole crew can hang out on it with room to spare. and it's a super cute round shape, has super cute tassels, and could easily double as a super cute picnic blanket. did we mention that it's super cute, oh, because it is SUPER cute.

float on giant inflatable, sweetheart – AED 420          
float on giant inflatable, beverly stripe   

beach, please! jumbo heart innertube, blush – AED 120
Sure, taylor swift has an impressive collection of inflatable swans, but does she have our inflatable collection? no, but we're 99.9% sure she will once she reads this. don't say we didn't tell ya! so go ahead, lie there and float in or on our inner tubes and inflatables like the queen of hearts that you are and watch your pool party get next level. eat your heart out.

float on drink floaties, sweetheart and beverly stripe – AED 60
Drink or swim? swim or drink? masters of fun know you don’t have to choose. thanks to these drink floats you can splash around all day long while your summer drink of choice floats right alongside you. summer goals achieved.
too chill to spill drink sleeves: available in see you at the pool & will you accept this rose?  - AED 35

too cold to hold drink sleeves: available in pool party, hot tub club & free refills- 30 AED

canvas totes– AED 120
Why not express yourself on a tote? ours are durable and eco-friendly… oh, and are they also fun? totes. HA! comedy. bring yours with you to the grocery store or the flea market and you'll totes be the cutest shopper in town. Available in: I am very busy; I did my best; neon heart with stripes and will you accept this rose?

I want it all shopper – AED 50
yeah, we're saving the environment one adorably designed reusable shopper at a time. never buy another grocery bag, ever! just imagine the amount of straight-up respect you'll get at checkout. Available in beverly stripe and lady of leisure.

peekaboo tote – AED 200
Meet the peekaboo clutch's new big sister: the peekaboo tote bag! fill it up with fresh flowers, justin bieber paper dolls, or jars of pickles… anything you want the world to to see. in white and blush with a pretty gold emblem detail, you're gonna be a walking showstopper. Available in holographic and pink shimmer.

carryall duo – AED 60
Seriously, what can't you put in our carryall duo? this power pair is totally clutch for holding all of those things you just gotta keep together, like makeup, writing tools, hair ties, hand cream, rose water spray, candy, thoughts, and more. ok, maybe they can't hold your thoughts, but you get the idea. expertly coordinated and attached with a gold ring and carabiner that you can then attach to your bag, you're gonna want to take them with you everywhere. Available in lattice + I did my best and pool party + national stripe.

zip zip keychain with pouch – AED 100
We just put the “fun' into “function' with this handy keychain pouch. Look forward to getting carded from here on out. It's perfect for keeping change, credit cards, and cute emergency items like bobbi pins and additional flair. Available in: national stripe and lady of leisure 

Peekaboo clutch– AED 120
Our peekaboo clutch got a makeover in two new colors, holographic and pink shimmer! it's still got metallic gold hardware and a translucent base, so you can keep all your pretty things on display wherever you go. p.s. totally acceptable if all your pretty things are two gigantic fistfuls of confetti

peekaboo circle clutch – AED 120
Our peekaboo circle clutch is available in beverly strip, white  and pink shimmer. It still has a translucent base so you can keep all your pretty things on display.

enamel pins – AED 50 each
say it, wear it, live it. these pins will liven up your outfit and your flare game

flair patches – AED 55 each
say it, wear it, live it. these pins will liven up your outfit and your flare game

silicone iphone 6/6s case, will you accept this rose? – AED 150
We picked our favorite rose painted by our girl helen dealtry and popped it right on a phone case for ya. if the rose itself wasn't enough, check out the dreamy pink shimmer silicone it sits on. did someone call 1-800-DREAM-CASE.

silicone iphone 6/6s case, cash money – AED 150
This case screams CA$H MONEY to us. not sure why...maybe it's the 3D gold dollar sign, the gold glitter silicone, or the fact that it looks like a million bucks! if you figure out why, let us know, 'cause in the meantime we'll be making it rain all over LA.

silicone iphone 6/6s case, pink stardust – AED 140
We were so obsessed with our gold glitter bomb case that we gave it a BOMB upgrade! a translucent pink case! a special blend of glitter in our favorite shades of pink! floating glitter that will mesmerize anyone that looks at it! oh wait, that's not new, but we obviously weren't gonna chance that!

leatherette iphone 6/6s case – AED 120
We covered a soft case with super soft leatherette and hits of metallic foil for a case that's beautiful and sophisticated

back me up! charging cord – AED 100
Put the POW back in power and the cha-cha back in charge with our dazzling charging cords! While others be trippin' over lifeless batteries, you'll be pumping yours with an energizing elixir wrapped in precious metals. It’s like you’ve got your phone hooked up to an IV of solid gold — or platinum. The choice is yours... and so is the power! Available in gold, metallic pink, pink and silver!

back me up! mobile charger – AED 175
back it up! back it up! you've got it! and by it, we mean power! we took our super popular mobile chargers and gave them a total makeover with a slimmer profile. oh, and there's a protective lid to keep the 8-pin safe so you won't have to think about how many more snapchats you can get in while you're out dancing. Available in: free refils, will you accept this rose, holographic and neon pink

rough draft mini notebook – AED 60
 you are very smart. smart people love notebooks and this, well, this is a notebook to love. featuring gold spirals and an adorable centerfold, you'll never want to be without one. and why should you? you're gonna need a place to jot down all of those brilliant ideas. Available in: will you accept this rose, your future looks bright and I don’t work here!

whatcha thinkin' bout? journal – AED 70
You're not overthinking, you're just playing out every option from every angle inside that problem-solving brain of yours. give all those thoughts some really pretty real estate inside our case-bound journal, complete with a neon-pink ribbon, pocket, and a whole page of herbie stickers. Available in: will you accept this rose, your future looks bright and lady of leisure!

Get it together pencil pouch – 80 AED
Get it together, girl! and by 'it' we mean just about anything and everything. this pouch has gold hardware and metallic gold lining, so not only is it ridiculously fancy, it's useful, too. sure, it was made for pencils (and our compliment pencils would look REAL good in there), but we suggest you mix it up with all that stuff sitting at the bottom of that purse of yours. Available in national stripe, lady of leisure and I don’t work here!

Sip Sip Tumblers – 80 AED
When I sip you sip we sip! Sip your way to happiness with our super popular tumbler and straw combo. Take your drink to go or keep your tumbler at work when you need to look cool. Trust us, you're gonna look really cool. Plus, it holds 20 ounces of your favorite drink, so fill'er up. sip sip hooray! Available in: you are gold, will you accept this rose, I am very busy & free refills

hot stuff thermal mugs– AED 80
We didn't want to leave your hot beverages out in the cold, they deserve some style too! Our thermal mugs will keep your tea or coffee totally warm and cozy while you get to look extra cute. Pretty much a win all around! Available in: beverly stripe (evergreen/powder), I don’t work here and lattice. 

deluxe hot stuff thermal mugs, coffee is my BFF & but first coffee – AED 100
This mug is practically fit for royalty. it's totally insulated and has an easy slide top. oh right. and it features the most beautiful combo of shimmery infused acrylic and shiny metallic gold accents. 

ceramic mugs – AED 80
Nothing classes up your desk more than a perfect mug. it's the kind of mug that would be a major score if you found it in a thrift shop, except it's shiny and new. whether you're thirsty for love or for power, this baby will hold it all in style. drink up! Available in: BFF, the boss & I don’t work here.

postcard book, good vibes – 60 AED
Hey! you should totally send someone some gooood vibes! our good vibes postcard book lets you deliver some positivity to your friends in the most visually pleasing way possible. have you seen those gradients? instant mood boost. and yeah, you can totally frame these and hang them all around your house.

compliment card set, you are gold – 35 AED
You can't keep a high five in your pocket, but you can totally keep one of our compliment cards in there and look at it any time you wanna feel awesome. pass out our compliment cards to everyone you think is cool so you can be the girl who gives everlasting high fives. bonus: this pack comes with two designs in case you need to switch things up!

compliment card set, your future looks bright– 35 AED

foldover greeting card set, good vibes – 90 AED
There anything better that getting some encouragement when you least expect it? we took some of our favorite phrases to pass out and turned them into mailable magic. just looking at the metallic foil text (and envelopes with gold foil lining!!!) will turn anyone's day around. go on, send someone some good vibes!


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